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28 June

Why Choose Julius Chang Consultancy as Your Assignment Helper & Thesis Writing Services?

When it comes to selecting an assignment helper or thesis writer for your most important University coursework, what are your priorities on the selected assignment helper?


Proven plagiarism-free? High quality write-ups? Give you a total peace of mind that you don’t need to read through the writer’s work to double check?


At, we’ve got them all.


A lot of assignment helpers out there often claimed that they offer plagiarism-free writing services, do they ever show you any proof by capturing screenshot from any Turnitin sites of their works?


No! Those are just baseless claims! They don’t even have the screenshot proofs to show you! At Julius Chang Consultancy Services, we have many proofs of high quality works at 0% Turnitin similarity waiting for you to check out at our website


Would you want to risk your hard earned money to all those unverified individuals out there who are using free email services that virtually all cheaters under the sun can use to cheat you off your hard earned money?


Or would you prefer to channel your hard earned money safely to the one and only lawfully registered academic assistance company in Malaysia that has tons of high quality written works proven by Turnitin to achieve 0% similarity?


What other reasons make so unique that you have to choose us for your assignment helper and thesis writing service needs?


Julius Chang Consultancy Services

  • The only lawfully registered academic assistance company in Malaysia (Company Registration Number 95728).
  • The only assignment helper using iPay88 as payment option for true online conveniences using both credit cards and online transfers. iPay88 has been very strict and selective on their partners so this justifies for your choice in us.
  • Fully automated website for real time tracking and enhanced end-to-end ordering convenience with our Customer Relationship Management; starting from personalized account logins, ordering, payment, delivery and revisions.
  • Proven Plagiarism-Free (0% Turnitin Similarity) high quality essays with screenshot proofs reachable at
  • Free Turnitin Plagiarism reports.
  • On time delivery.
  • Free amendments.
  • 100% P&C.


Other Assignment Helpers

  • Potential cheaters approaching you with free email or blog services that all cheaters under the sun can use to con you off your hard earned money.
  • Manual bank-ins.
  • Manual emails, fussy phone calls, no way of order tracking and slow responses.
  • Baseless claims on delivering plagiarism-free works with no proofs to show you.
  • Nothing. Ends you up with poor quality and high plagiarism works.
  • Lateness.
  • Charged amendments.
  • Potential blackmailers.


So why hesitate anymore? Hurry and order with us at our website


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