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16 May

Announcement: Fraud Alert

Dear Customers

It has come to our attention that certain dirty competitors are jealous of our high success and are posting anonymous false allegations over the Internet that we produce plagiarising and fail assignments.

Reasons to confide in us compared to other unverified assignment helpers using free email and free websites:

Do go ahead and read through our sample works – all 0% Turnitin similarity rates and high quality written. Only blind people will believe to such false accusations. These baseless accusations are made by childish people that never understand the fact that black and white pictures speak louder than words.

Also have a look at our pool of Facebook fans (1,280 fans as of now and growing), with such a strong fan backing us up do you believe that those anonymous claims made by people using free Internet services can be trusted?

We would like to assure our customers that we are ultimately a registered company having lawfully registered domain, unlike another help4assignment brand using FREE blogspot and FREE Gmail address to impersonate us (free services are all available for all the conmen out there, isn’t it?); therefore we urge you to not fall into such misleading allegations that are made by this dirty competitor to defame us.

You know, in the world today when you are doing very successful in a business and threatening other competitors, it’s human nature for them to get jealous and thus leads them to be thinking of all kinds of dirty tactics to defame you just to pull away your business.

This is the exact latest case that we have discovered – Justin Lim from using email This so called Justin Lim who operates a Maybank account belonging to Khor Ngin Choo not only stole our brand, but has also developed a free blogspot , create fake emails and backdate their entries to make things real. He has also created another fake name Jason Chong and email to con more innocent people!

Now, he has impersonated to be students by again registering free emails and posting false accusations across the Internet.

Well, free emails and free blogspots are the best tool for conmen to use nowadays. It’s sad, but it’s a real fact that all of us have to face. We have all the lawful registration details, and together with our many 0% Turnitin Similarity screenshot proofs that comes at high quality write up contents, together with our strong Facebook fan community, you would be definitely wise enough to distinguish who is the conman here and who is the legitimate service provider here.

We look forward to your continuing support.

Thank you


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